About us

The Women’s Society Against Environmental Pollution (WSAEP), Isfahan, Iran, is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in November 1998 by a group of interested women from Isfahan, with the guidance of Dr. Mahlagha, the founder of the WSAEP. Considering that education as the basis of culture of a community as the main principle, the WSAEP began to organize intra-group educational sessions with the presence of leading professors in environmental field; and after gaining the basic skills, some of the members promoted their professional-participatory level by participating in national and international workshops. Throughout these years, the promoters of the WSAEP have empowered local communities and provided environmental teachings for various strata of the society while cooperating with other NGOs. Interactions with governmental departments such as the General Directorate of Environmental Protection of Isfahan Province, Ministry of Education, Directorate of Natural Resources and Watershed Management, Health Authorities, and the Ministry of Industry, to create a suitable platform for the formation of specialized groups to solve the environmental challenges of the province are among other activities of the WSAEP. It is worth noting that, in recent years, the collaboration of four generations of hard-working and compassionate environmentalists, men and women, has led to the continuous dynamic of the WSAEP in Isfahan. With reliance on the practical experience of active members of WSAEP, and considering the past education-oriented activities, in particular participatory education of children, we are determined to extend our scope of programs and follow the developing of “the wetland school library” and the “indigenous communities’ cooperation” programs in the province. Moreover, “the empowerment of immigrant families living in the margins of Isfahan city” and creating motivation and sense of belonging to the urban community, toward environment conservation plans, is also among upcoming prominent programs of the WSAEP. Big steps are needed to be taken, possible only with your kind help and contribution, dear citizens and authorities of the Isfahan. We look forward and wait for you accompany with us in this path.